Weights & Measures
Weights & Measures

The Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the entire County, maintaining “Equity in the Marketplace,” thus protecting both buyer and seller from possible loss which may occur from faulty measuring devices, such as scales, scanners, retail motor fuel dispensers and meters. The Auditor is charged with the legal responsibility of ensuring that all State and National Laws relating to Weights and Measures are strictly enforced.

Sealers perform inspections, and test on both commercial and some non-commercial devices to insure those devices meet the criteria of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Type Evaluation Program. Audits and Tests are also performed on Random Packed items a store may weigh such as meats, cheeses and produce and Standard Packed items. These tests are conducted to insure the product meets or exceeds the requirements of Handbook 130, Checking The Net Contents of Packaged Goods. Price Verification tests are also performed to make sure there is no misrepresentation of pricing. County Sealers are certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and must maintain the required Minimum Training Requirements established by the State. Inspectors must pass all National Institute of Standards and Technology tests with an 80% or higher grade to attain certification, and 8 credit hours of training are mandatory for inspectors who have completed their training for maintaining certification each year.

The Sealer of Seneca County is responsible for testing over 500 gas pumps and meters and over 300 weighing and other measuring devices in the County. Look for the Yearly County seal on those devices inspected and tested to be assured that they were correct, accurate and sealed. If you believe a device is not performing properly, or for more information, please contact the Seneca County Auditor’s Office, Weights and Measures Division at (419) 447-0692. For web information concerning Weights and Measures go to the State of Ohio Weight and Measures site at agri.ohio.gov.

Gas Pump Skimmer SCAMS

Illegal debit/credit card skimmers have been found placed inside gas pumps in various parts of the country.

When a number of illegal skimmers were discovered at gas stations in central Florida, a local sheriff called gas pump skimmer scams,“the crime of the future.”

Gas station owners, managers, and attendants, as well as consumers, are advised to take steps to guard against these scams.

Don’t be a victim of gas pump skimmer scams!

Card Skimming Devices

Debit/Credit card skimmers are small, electronic devices that can be illegally installed inside a gas pump to steal card information from unsuspecting consumers.

The devices are wired to the card reader and keypad and can record account numbers and PIN’s when a customer swipes their debit or credit card at the pump. An experienced thief can install one of these devices in less than a minute.

Data obtained by these devices can be used to create bogus cards to access a consumer’s bank account. Victims of these scams have been known to have thousands of dollars withdrawn from their accounts without their knowledge.

Preventing These Scams

Weights and measures staff train to look for anything suspicious when performing gas pump inspections. But, a periodic inspection by county officials only goes so far in preventing card skimming scams.

What More Can Be Done?

  • Activity at gas stations should be closely and securely monitored by station managers and attendants.
  • Gas pumps should be opened up and the internal mechanisms examined regularly by station staff.
  • The most effective way to stop these scams is to install better, more secure locks on every pump. Better locks will prohibit unauthorized access to a gas pump’s interior components.

What Can Consumers Do?

  • NEVER use a debit card when paying for gas at the pump. Thieves can steal PIN numbers.
  • Report any unusual activity or anything that looks out of place.
  • Monitor monthly bank and credit card statements for fraudulent charges.
  • Use cash to pay for purchases whenever possible.
  • If you believe you have been a victim of skimmer scam, notify local law enforcement, bank and credit card issuer immediately.

For more information or to report a gas pump problem, contact the Seneca County Auditor’s Office, Weights and Measures Division at (419) 447-0692.

Click HERE to download the Skimmer Brochure