Vendor's License
Vendor's License

Vendors are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting sales tax on retail sales and certain services and then reporting and paying them to the State of Ohio in a timely manner.

County Auditor offices are licensing agencies for regular county vendor’s licenses. Applications for service and transient licenses can also be obtained there. Vendor’s licenses cost $25 and no longer need to be renewed annually.

The Seneca County Auditor’s Office is located in the Seneca County RTA Building, 109 S. Washingon Street, 2nd Floor (2206), Tiffin, Ohio. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 419-447-0692.

Changes in state sales tax law effective Aug. 1, 2003, include the following additions to the list of taxable goods and services:

  • Storage facility services
  • Personal care such as manicures, pedicures, tanning, massages (unless prescribed or performed by a doctor or chiropractor, skin care, application of cosmetics, hair removal, tattooing, and body piercing
  • Dry cleaning and laundry (not coin operated)
  • Delivery charges by a vendor in connection with the sale of personal property (such as delivery of furniture after purchase)
  • Transportation services such as taxis, limousines and helicopter rides (does not include public transit systems or commercial airlines)
  • Vehicle towing

If you provide these taxable goods or services, you must have a vendor’s license issued by the County Auditor’s office. Call the Seneca County Auditor’s office, 419-447-0692, for more information.

Attention New Vendors

(Information from the Ohio Department of Taxation)

The Department of Taxation will mail returns and other information to you regarding when and how to file sales tax returns. Returns must be received by the 23rd of the month following the end of the taxable period. Even if no sales were made and/or no tax is due, you must file a return. By filing returns and paying the tax on time, you can earn a discount of ¾%. There are penalties for filing late. The minimum penalty is $50.

Keep records of all sales receipts and tax collected. All retail sales are subject to tax unless exempt by law.

For forms and more information, visit the web site at or call General Business Line, 1-888-405-4039; Forms Request Line, 1-800-282-1782; Registration Line, 1-888-405-4089; Fax, 1-614-728-9905.