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Congratulations to Dalton and Nellie, winners of the 2021 #1 Seneca County dog license!

Public Information

The Seneca county Auditor's office handles requests for information via telephone, 419-447-0692; fax 419-448-5055 and walk-in inquiries in our office on the second floor of the Seneca County RTA Building, 109 S. Washington Street, Tiffin, Ohio.

Information is also available on-line, www.Senecacountyauditor.org.

NEW - The Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS)

A free service allowing users to receive emergency alerts & NOAA weather warnings via text, email, or voice. For more information and to sign up, click the link below.

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NEW! Veterans' Exemption

With passage of House Bill 59, the State Biennium Budget Bill (ORC 5709.17), a tax exemption was created for real property held or occupied by veterans or fraternal organizations. Read more about the new Veterans' Exemption.

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Seneca County Levy Calculator

What is Levy Calculator?
For an upcoming Election, Levy Calculator shows how much your property tax may increase if certain levies are passed in an upcoming election.

Where is Levy Calculator located on the website?
Levy Calculator is available on the Levies tab. Just use the Search features to find your property then click the Levies tab to view levy data for your property.

Tax Estimator

The Tax Estimator will calculate your annual property tax amounts based on current tax rates and a property valuation you specify. Click HERE started!